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Meet Your Magnetic Mind and Discover the Power of the Superconscious Recode Process.

I was stuck. For years. I tried so many different things to get unstuck. Every time I would start to gain momentum, I would go back into my all too familiar self sabotage pattern and stop myself completely. My dreams, my goals, and my heart’s truest desires would fall to the wayside because I would get frozen by the fear of actually having them. On some level I think I believed I didn’t deserve to have them.

That’s before I discovered Magnetic Mind and the power of the Superconscious Recode Process. That’s before I discovered a brilliant New Zealand man by the name of Chris Duncan who showed me how to let go of my blocks and fully step into my creator self to live a life I love. I believe you deserve to live your true purpose on this planet and live a life you love as well. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to share Chris Duncan’s amazing course and process with as many people as possible. It transformed my life and I want you to experience the same.

Watch the video above to find out more about Magnetic Mind and the Superconscious from Chris Duncan. If you feel aligned, take advantage of the 7 Day FREE trial Magnetic Mind offers by clicking the link below. – Love, Michael

How You Can Tap Into Your Magnetic Mind

You're Not Broken

The personal development world is. Learn how to become a Superconscious Creator and stay one in this year long masterclass. It’s the last course you’ll ever need.

Superconscious Recode

Learn how to dissolve your biggest limitations and internal blocks in this Superconscious Rapid Recode course with a revolutionary neuroscience-backed process that only takes 10 minutes a day. 

Group Superconscious Recode Sessions - Live in Person and on Zoom

I will be hosting weekly recode sessions live and in person. More info Coming Soon!