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About Michael

Michael Chorvat is a spiritual singer/songwriter, music producer and creator of theĀ Be the Light in the Dark movement. Michael inspires the world to L.O.V.E. (Let Out Vulnerable Emotions) and live the magic of authentically being you with his music, message, meaningful lyrics and emotive voice.

Be The Light

Shop now at the Be The Light online store of inspiring apparel, accessories, and merchandise. Every purchase gives back. 10% of every sale goes to The JED foundation to support programs and campaigns that provide education and resources that protect emotional health and prevent suicide in teens and young adults all over the U.S. Get 20% OFF your first purchase with the discount code FRIENDS20.

>>> Learn more about the Be the Light in the Dark movement and how you can join it.

Why Michael Does What He Does...

We exist in a world that sees artists as inspiring, influential visionaries and wayshowers, and paradoxically as poor starving musicians, poets, painters or nobodies who need to get a “real” job.

Michael believes we’re all creators and we are here to create. He believes creation is the essence of who we are. That everyone has something within them wanted to be created that truly that lights them up.

Feeling stuck ? Not sure what you’re here to do? Tired of giving into what others think you should be doing? Wanna do what you love while living your true purpose? You are officially invited to create, inspire and light up the world.


Watch an abundance of music videos on Michael Chorvat’s YouTube Channel.


Below are Michael Chorvat’s albums, EPs, and singles available to stream and for purchase as both digital downloads and physical CDs. Michael’s current musical endeaver Breakdown to Breakthrough is a project releasing one new song and music video each month through the end of 2022. Each song was written after a devistating breakup of an engagement and inspired by the idea that life’s greatest challenges create life’s biggest transformations. Michael invites you to join the journey to Breakdown to Breakthrough here.


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