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Santa Cruz, CA based spiritual singer/songwriter Michael Chorvat, and former front man of the once signed Chicago band Treaty of Paris, has one purpose in life. To Be the Light in the Dark. Michael invites you to join him in this possibility and movement with his inspiring music, heartfelt voice and deep, meaningful lyrics that he likes to call woke rock. Michael is no stranger to overcoming challenges and hard times. He has been through his fair share of grief, loss, heartache and most recently battling both anxiety and depression. Through it all one thing remains constant. Michael chooses to rise up and never give up.

"You're here to light up the world."

In 2014, Michael released his first solo album The Light, a musical journey through the chakras of the body containing affirmations and mantras in song form with the intention of awakening the spirit. Since then, Michael completed a year-long project The Endless Road: A Year in the Flow writing and recording 52 songs that produced 2 albums, In the Key of Awakening and In The Key of Enlightenment, released in 2018. Staying in constant creation, just a year later in 2019 he released a 6 song EP titled The Darkness is the Light. Michael continued releasing singles and music videos for his songs “Six Feet Away” (a COVID-19 love song) and “Magic” to share messages of hope in 2021, along with a unique cover of “With Or Without You” by U2 featuring Indonesian Gamelan instruments.

Michael Chorvat’s latest 2022 independent music project Breakdown to Breakthrough tells his personal story, through sight and sound, of breaking through to find happiness once again after the end of an engagement and long term romantic relationship. Bravely recording and releasing one single and music video on YouTube a month for 16 months straight, the songs are available online on all streaming platforms. Michael has chosen shine light on the dark of a variety of topics including mental health, suicide and loss. He sees the darkness, challenges and unexpected circumstances we all experience as the greatest gift of learning, growth and transformation that ultimately bring us more into more joy, beauty and love. The forthcoming Breakdown to Breakthrough double album will be released in Spring 2023 along with remixed and remastered versions of In the Key of Awakening and In the Key of Enlightenment.

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"Be Here Now" by Michael Chorvat

"Kali" by Michael Chorvat

"When I'm There" by Michael Chorvat

Featured Music Video "When I'm There" by Michael Chorvat

Michael asked his good friend Sule Gurbuz to do a one take video shoot miming in the music video for his song “When I’m There.” She was hesitant at first because she was in Turkey caring for her mother. Sule eventually said yes and gave this brilliant performance. All captured in one take on her cell phone with no edits. Enjoy.

"Some people say love is all there is. That's before they met Michael."
- Someone famous
"Michael's music is brilliant."
- Jeff Buckley's mom