Be the Light in the Dark

Inspiring all to L.O.V.E. (Let Out Vulnerable Emotions) and live the magic of authentically being you.

What is the Be the Light in the Dark Movement?

Inspiring all the L.O.V.E. (Let Out Vulnerable Emotions and live the magic of authentically being you.

The Be the Light in the Dark movement started with a thought. What if people could feel safe to be vulnerable with their deepest, darkest emotions? Maybe people wouldn’t feel so alone. Maybe being vulnerable with others about struggles with mental health, emotional health and suicidal thoughts could actually inspire. I believe it can and it already is.

My Story and How to Be the Light

I never felt so…stuck.

I felt the call in my heart to do something more.

To be something more.

Yet, I was frozen.

Every time I got momentum, I would stop.

For years this went on.

Who was I to create something big in the world?

People who do that kind of thing are not people like me.

I’m not good enough.

I’ll never be good enough.

I could never be like them. I’m not capable of it.

Yet the call in my heart continued.

Okay, I’m totally going for it this time!

Super lit up I’d start doing all the things I’d been thinking about and putting off.

Yeah I totally got this!

Nope. I’d hit my edge and be stopped dead in my tracks.

Why does this keep happening to me I thought?

If I really was meant for something more then why was I so stuck?

Why wasn’t anything easy?

It was all so…hard.

I wanted so badly to feel fulfilled, to be happy, to be grateful, to be loved.

Yet, I let my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts keep getting the best of me.

I was scared that I’d be criticized and judged for being authentically me.

If I was vulnerable what would people think of me?

Sharing the darkest parts of me would only make people dislike me.

Wouldn’t it? 

They’d think something was wrong with me.

Wouldn’t they?

So I started doing it little by little.

Openly sharing what was really going on in my life instead of my social media “best of.”

My depression. My anxiety. My self doubt. The real thoughts that often crossed my mind.

And yes, some people asked if I was okay. No one attacked me. No one defriended me.

All of my fears about authentically sharing myself were not valid.

I found that for the most part people really related to what I was going through and felt more connected.

That’s when I had the idea. A full year ago now. 

I could start a movement to inspire people to feel like it’s okay to share vulnerably and be authentic to who they are. To not have to hide who they are and where they are at. To fully share themselves.

I called it “Be the Light in the Dark”.

It’s who I was choosing to be. Or so I thought.

My limiting beliefs again kept me stuck. 

I would create and decide I was going to make this my purpose.

Then, I would go and hide again frozen by fear. 

Even as I’m writing this today there is fear.

The difference is I’m not frozen by fear. I’m scared and choosing to do it anyway.

I  am choosing to be in action on my dreams and what I’m being called to do.

So, on 11/22/2022 I officially launched the Be the Light in the Dark movement!

How do I choose to Be the Light and how can you?

It is a choice I’ve made and that you can also choose to make to…

“Inspire all to L.O.V.E. and live the magic of being authentically being you.”

Because you are magic. Wherever you’re at in life. And you deserve L.O.V.E.

“L.O.V.E.” is an acronym I came up with that means Let Out Vulnerable Emotions.

I truly believe when we share our most vulnerable emotions with others that it makes us not feel so alone in the world. Typically, I’ve found that when I’m vulnerable it opens up who I’m sharing with to be vulnerable. To me, it’s one of the most loving things that can be done as many people are struggling in the world. When people don’t feel alone they have hope. And when they have hope they can choose something different than they have in the past. When they choose something different than in the past, they can Be the Light in the Dark and inspire others to get unstuck.

This is just the beginning and there is much, much, much more to come!

If you choose to join the movement and Be the Light in the Dark with me, you can begin by liking and following the official Facebook Page. You may also support the movement by buying merch from the Be the Light online merch store of inspiring apparel, accessories and gifts that give back. 10% of all sales go to support emotional well-being, mental health awareness and suicide prevention in teens and young adults across the United States. You can show your support for as little as $4.95 by getting a Be The Light in the Dark glow-in-the-dark wristband (to remind you in the darkest times) and FREE sticker.

Thank you so much for choosing to L.O.V.E. and be the authentic you. I am grateful.

Like and Follow the official Facebook Page and join the movement.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead